Say Goodbye to Your Bee Problem

Choose a pest control technician in Roy, Olympia & Lakewood WA to protect your home from wasps

If you have a bee problem, don't make the painful mistake of trying to fix it yourself. Choose A+ Pest Control, LLC. You can trust us to resolve your pest problem safely and for a reasonable price.

Call 360-400-2847 now to discuss your bee or wasp removal needs with a local pest control technician.

When should you hire a professional bee removal service?

Is a swarm of bees is affecting your home? Let the bee removal team at A+ Pest Control help. You can count on us to keep you and your family safe, no matter how big or small the infestation might be.

Here are three situations in which you should call us to help:

  • Bees are inside your home.
  • There is a hive in a high-traffic area in your house or yard.
  • You or a family member as a bee allergy.
When it comes to removing bees, don't risk getting stung. Contact us today to have a professional end your pest problem.